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Monthly archives for February, 2014

Episode 30: Valentines Day Challenge

Episode 30:  Valentines Day Challenge

Episode 30 snuck up on us and before we knew it we had another challenge episode for Bobby.  Valentines Day was on the horizon so we decided to focus our challenge items on a Valentines theme.  More thematic like the 7 Deadly Sins episode, we considered four primary Valentines Day gifts:  Flowers, Diamonds, Candy and […]

Off the Shelf: Spiteful Brewing

Off the Shelf:  Spiteful Brewing

A couple weeks ago, our beer guy, Charles, invited me to his home to taste a line of beers with some of his friends.  Once we were all gathered he revealed that the brand we’d be sampling from was Spiteful Brewing, a Chicago based brewery that has a line of eclectic beers as interesting as […]

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