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Monthly archives for January, 2014

The People in Your Neighborhood ̵...

The People in Your Neighborhood – Jerry Nelson & Une Annee Brewery

  For episode 27 Charles Brinkman and I take our first trip to a brewery here in Chicago.  The craft beer brewing here in Chicago is exploding with many small and medium producers distributing many new and innovative flavors and styles to bars and liquor stores throughout the city.  If you like to try different […]

Off the Shelf: Beers of November

Off the Shelf: Beers of November

November was a great month for the beer tastings.  We saw some of the usuals; Solemn Oath, Une Annee and, of course, Pipeworks and a return of Spiteful Brewing. We also wrapped up sampling the beers we brought back with us from Tennessee as well as one from Surly and one from Ale Asylum.  Of […]

Monster Summoning III – Harry P...

Monster Summoning III – Harry Potter Drinks

BLP members Kevin and Rachel have some fun with me mixing up some of the known concoctions from the famous book series about the wizarding world.  We extrapolate and mix-up butter beer (of course), fire whiskey, and polyjuice potion.  So nerdy and delicious!

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