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Monthly archives for November, 2013

Episode 22: In the Pink — Pink...

Episode 22:  In the Pink — Pink Gin

In this exciting episode we sampled a favorite of 19th century British sailors:  Pink Gin.  A few episodes ago, Harrison shouted across the bar that I had to try pink gin.  I don’t know about you, but I always respond to Harrison’s shouted suggestions; their bound to be pretty interesting in the very least.  The […]

Cocktail Attempt #1: Orange Juice, Te...

Cocktail Attempt #1: Orange Juice, Tequila & Thyme

I wanted to make a simple, yet not necessarily traditional cocktail at home before going out for the night. I think I need to figure out the right proportions and maybe add something so that there’s not so much OJ next time. This one has some potential though. I’ll probably give it another shot in […]

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